EECITIES - Energy efficient cities


EECITIES is an energy analysis service provider that supports planners, energy consultants, and policy makers to make informed decisions related to improving the energy efficiency of urban areas. The services provided are based on the integration of dispersed energy related data from multiple sources, including geographic information, cadastre, economic indicators and consumption. The integrated data is analysed using assessment and simulation tools that are specifically adapted to the needs of each case. The technologies used to provide these services have been developed in the SEMANCO research project- co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

Success stories

Listen to stakeholders participating in case studies about planning energy efficient cities

Manresa, Spain

Newcastle, UK

Copenhagen, Denmark


EECITIES applies technologies based on the SEMANCO platform. These technologies can help to improve decision making regarding energy efficiency in your city. They let you:.

  • Integrate your pre-exiting data into an urban energy model
  • Build urban energy models of the buildings and infrastructures in your city or town that enable you to visualize energy demand in a navigable 3D model
  • Assess the energy performance of your buildings with a diverse set of simulation tools
  • Assess the different options for reducing urban energy demand

The creation of an urban energy model begins with a 3D geometric model of an urban area which is visualised in the platform using Agency9’s 3dMaps software.

Energy assessment and analysis tools are applied to evaluate the current level of performance (e.g. a baseline) of buildings included in an urban energy model. Then, plans and projects can be devised and their performance checked against the baseline conditions. This planning is supported by the SEMANCO platform.

A set of tools are integrated in the SEMANCO platform which can be used to assess the energy performance of future and existing buildings. These include: SAPMAP, USiT, UEP/UEO, Mine-On.

The combined data of an urban energy model is analysed and displayed in diagrams and tables to highlight hidden patterns and hot spots.

The MCDA tool supports users in selecting the best solutions to achieve specific targets by enabling the comparison of multiple plans and projects for a given urban area.

These tools support the decision making process related to energy efficient urban planning. They enable advanced analysis of energy related data at different geographical scales.


17 - 19 November 2015. EECITIES will be presented at the stand of ARC Engineering and Architecture La Salle at the SMARTCITYEXPO, that will take place in Barcelona, 17, 18 and 19 of November 2015. We hope to see you there!.

7-8 October 2015. EECITIES will be present with a stand in the GREENCITIES & SUSTAINABILITY exhibition in Málaga. This is a highly specialised professional forum where the latest trends and solutions that help to improve the smart management of cities are presented.

22 June 2015. A presentation of the EECITIES platform has taken place at the School of Architecture La Salle, Barcelona, as part of the activities of the Sustainable Energy Week.


Targeting government subsidies to improve urban energy efficiency

Supplying qualified information to help public authorities to make decisions about where and how to invest limited public funds so they have the largest impact on urban energy demand and fuel poverty.

Assessing options to reduce the energy demand of large existing buildings

Supplying qualified information to help building managers and maintenance teams make the right decisions when investing in refurbishment actions designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Evaluating the baseline energy performance of houses in a neighbourhood

Provide local authorities and social housing providers with a measurement of the baseline energy performance of the local housing stock to inform decisions about how to reduce the amount of energy required to heat homes.

Evaluating proposals to improve the energy efficiency rating of residential buildings

Enable local authorities and social housing providers to compare the merits of different options to improve the energy efficiency rating of their housing stock. For example the user can compare the merits of each option against SAP rating improvement, Energy Consumption (kWh) and fuel poverty reduction.

Evaluating different energy supply options when planning a new urban development

Enable local authorities and private developers to select the most cost-effective and climate friendly energy supply solution for a new urban area.

Evaluating different building energy standards when planning a new urban development

Analysing and evaluating the impacts of different energy standards applied to the planning of a new urban area, in terms of costs and carbon emissions.


EECITIES provides the services and information you need to reach carbon emission reduction targets for buildings, cities and regions. EECITIES team can provide the following services for your city:

  • Assessing the current energy performance of buildings in towns and cities
  • Identifying priority areas and buildings for energy efficiency interventions
  • Integrate your energy analysis tools
  • Evaluating the impact of proposed new buildings at the urban level
  • Evaluating the impact of refurbishing buildings at the urban level
  • Evaluating the impact of potential of local policies and interventions on Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)
  • Generating missing data to enable the classification of buildings according to their energy performance
  • Integrating new data to be visualized and analysed